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Finding new ways to postpone work

As a student I always look for ways to postpone my work, seeing as it’s a Saturday night, it isn’t very difficult today…

I went to ASDA today with my friend Inge and managed to carry all my stuff on my own until I reached the top of the stairs and couldn’t open the door without letting go of my groceries. I head knocked my way in to find my flatmates laughing at the fact that once again I’ve managed to by a ton of stuff when going to ASDA. I would have been fine hadn’t I decided that I wanted Chardonnay today, and that I need wineglasses too.

It was nice getting out of the house for once on a Saturday. Considering the fact that I went to bed half past eleven last night and slept for 14 hours (think I needed some sleep), I should be well rested…

This week I decided to make latin a bit easier for myself and made up a game where I write down all the latin words I’m supposed to know and the English equivalent and have to match the two together… That is what I’m supposed to do now, but instead I find myself sorting jelly beans.

Next week is readers week so I’ll be spending most of my time catching up with all the reading i have for classes. But on Wednesday we’re all going down in to central to protest the fact that the government want to cut funding for schools with a lot, which will mean something like 90% less funding for my school… And if anyone has the same concerns as my dad: I’m not going there to through rocks, we’re in England not France…

I think I’ll go make myself dinner and be all sofisticated and drink some red wine…

– Cat




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Cleaning my room

Currently eating breakfast :)

I hoovered my room today, the hoover leaves a funny smell though… Still I just sprayed my room with perfume and now all is good :P

Can’t really say that much have happened in the last couple of days, we are starting to fall into a routine were we do the same things every week. But I love routine, knowing what comes next, so Iam enjoying myself.

I have readers week next week, which means I’ll be sitting with my head in my books all week, I have some catching up to do in Religious studies since my book arrived so late… And I need to work more on my latin, even though I try to put in five hours every week it doesn’t seem to be enough, it’s french all over again; it just won’t stick…

– Cat

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Halloween is the best holiday ever!

Since the Bop is the Halloween-themed celebration at my uni, we celebrated on friday. We decided to go all out on Halloween this year, considering the fact that we have an American in the flat it was pretty easy. pumpkincarving, candy-apples, scary vodka-jelly, decorations and “all out” when it came to costume.

We filled the common rooms with friends and had a fun evening before we continued the night at the Bop at the student bar. There were many who had taken it even further than us and some that didn’t dress up at all… Here are some pictures from the night:

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– Cat

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My first pumpkin carving!

I am so ready for Halloween, and me and my pumpkin will match!

– Cat

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I coloured my hair… again!

Had a bit of fun yesterday and coloured my hair again. Well actually Sam my flat-reps boyfriend did it.

I’m so looking forward to Halloween now, it is going to be so much fun! Going as a vampire this year as well, but going all out this year with a bit more gothic look…

– Cat

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Hi, I'm Cat! I'm 19 and I used to live in Norway. Now I'm moving to London, and I'll be staying there for at least three years, if not five. I'll be taking a BA Combined Honours in Classical Civilisation and Theology & Religious Studies. Consider this blog as a travelers journal, London seen from the viewpoint of a student and a foreigner!


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