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Five days until I leave! And I don’t feel nervous at all, yet. I finally started packing, using my super long packing-list. It’s way to detailed, I’ll probably end up just pulling things out of my shelves and then check afterwards to see if I got everything. At the moment I’m just taking it slow, but my guess is that I’ll be super-stressed on Tuesday running around the house getting everything I’ve missed. And that will probably end up being a lot!

Things that bug me: Paying school tuition! It just doesn’t work for me! I guess I’ll just have to send a mail to my school explaining the situation. I have the money, the system just doesn’t work for me! Hopefully it will all work out before the deadline…

Me and my Manly eyeshadow palette

Things I’m happy about: I finally got the make-up palette I ordered from eBay today! And nothing was broken! That makes me happy, happy, happy!

Things I’m sad about: It’s 9/11 today… I can remember my mom running to the tv, and putting on CNN just before the second plane hit… It was terrible. My heart goes out to everyone affected by this tragedy.

– Cat


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2 Responses

  1. theakamilla says:

    Haha jeg har ikke begynt å pakke, eller skrive pakkeliste engang!

  2. Heidi says:

    jeg liker sminke dingsen din! Endelig fikk du den! Og den er ikke ødelagt :D

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