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Finally here

And I’m starting to get settled in. My days are filled with things to do, and the little free time I have I spend cleaning up my room. My room is ok, a lot better now that I’ve got some pictures up on my wall and when i finally find out where I’m going to keep all my stuff it’ll be easier. So a bit of chaos at the moment, but I’m sure it will sort out soon enough.

So what have I been doing the last couple of days? We arrived Wednesday and my mom helped me unpack and we went for a short walk to get some groceries and look around. For dinner we ended up taking the bus in to Putney… We had to wait about 40 min for the bus though, since we just missed it when we first got to the bus-stop… And of course we landed in the biggest traffic jam ever! (not really) so what would’ve been a five min bus ride turned into 15-20. When we got to Putney we ate at a nice Italian restaurant and then we went back to my room and fell asleep.

Mom left early Thursday, and that was pretty tough since i really haven’t been living away from home yet, but we both made it through our goodbyes. After mom left it got pretty hectic, first I went to a welcome talk, then I got a tour of the uni and library (which is huge by the way!) and then we went shopping at ASDA. Of course I ended up buying way to much stuff and the plastic bags started ripping apart, so when I got to my school I had to stop and put all the stuff in a black plastic bag that someone was nice enough to give me. And I got a little help carrying all my stuff home. The next time I’m going shopping, I’m bringing a bag.

Last night started with a dinner and a quiz (that my team should have won btw), and then we ended up going to a bar in Putney with the embassadors. And that was pretty much my evening, met a bunch of nice people, got into a discussion about religion with an atheist and fell asleep exhausted.

Now I’m going to go to a fair that I’m already late for and ‘I’ll give you guys an update whenever I can.



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2 Responses

  1. Heidi says:

    Ah, men dette høres bra ut jensen! :D
    Ja, london har teite plastikk poser, så du burde skaffe deg mange vesker i type handlenett!

    Kos deg <3

  2. mamma says:

    Godt å høre beste størstejenta vår, og jeg er ikke overrasket over at du handlet for mye :-) klem

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