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Finding new ways to postpone work

As a student I always look for ways to postpone my work, seeing as it’s a Saturday night, it isn’t very difficult today…

I went to ASDA today with my friend Inge and managed to carry all my stuff on my own until I reached the top of the stairs and couldn’t open the door without letting go of my groceries. I head knocked my way in to find my flatmates laughing at the fact that once again I’ve managed to by a ton of stuff when going to ASDA. I would have been fine hadn’t I decided that I wanted Chardonnay today, and that I need wineglasses too.

It was nice getting out of the house for once on a Saturday. Considering the fact that I went to bed half past eleven last night and slept for 14 hours (think I needed some sleep), I should be well rested…

This week I decided to make latin a bit easier for myself and made up a game where I write down all the latin words I’m supposed to know and the English equivalent and have to match the two together… That is what I’m supposed to do now, but instead I find myself sorting jelly beans.

Next week is readers week so I’ll be spending most of my time catching up with all the reading i have for classes. But on Wednesday we’re all going down in to central to protest the fact that the government want to cut funding for schools with a lot, which will mean something like 90% less funding for my school… And if anyone has the same concerns as my dad: I’m not going there to through rocks, we’re in England not France…

I think I’ll go make myself dinner and be all sofisticated and drink some red wine…

– Cat




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