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Finding new ways to postpone work

As a student I always look for ways to postpone my work, seeing as it’s a Saturday night, it isn’t very difficult today…

I went to ASDA today with my friend Inge and managed to carry all my stuff on my own until I reached the top of the stairs and couldn’t open the door without letting go of my groceries. I head knocked my way in to find my flatmates laughing at the fact that once again I’ve managed to by a ton of stuff when going to ASDA. I would have been fine hadn’t I decided that I wanted Chardonnay today, and that I need wineglasses too.

It was nice getting out of the house for once on a Saturday. Considering the fact that I went to bed half past eleven last night and slept for 14 hours (think I needed some sleep), I should be well rested…

This week I decided to make latin a bit easier for myself and made up a game where I write down all the latin words I’m supposed to know and the English equivalent and have to match the two together… That is what I’m supposed to do now, but instead I find myself sorting jelly beans.

Next week is readers week so I’ll be spending most of my time catching up with all the reading i have for classes. But on Wednesday we’re all going down in to central to protest the fact that the government want to cut funding for schools with a lot, which will mean something like 90% less funding for my school… And if anyone has the same concerns as my dad: I’m not going there to through rocks, we’re in England not France…

I think I’ll go make myself dinner and be all sofisticated and drink some red wine…

– Cat




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Halloween is the best holiday ever!

Since the Bop is the Halloween-themed celebration at my uni, we celebrated on friday. We decided to go all out on Halloween this year, considering the fact that we have an American in the flat it was pretty easy. pumpkincarving, candy-apples, scary vodka-jelly, decorations and “all out” when it came to costume.

We filled the common rooms with friends and had a fun evening before we continued the night at the Bop at the student bar. There were many who had taken it even further than us and some that didn’t dress up at all… Here are some pictures from the night:

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– Cat

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It’s been a month

I’ve been to uni for over a month now, and I’m finally settled in. Lectures has started and I can’t believe I find some of this interesting, I love it here! I am so glad I chose London over Bergen, we’ve even got a lot of sun, believe it or not.

Freshers week must be one of the most exhausting things I’ve ever been through, considering the fact that alcohol is so cheap here and that you can buy hard liquor from 18… You know where I’m going with this… Back to the exhausting part, I think it might have been worse than the senior prank weeks back in Norway, but the same amount of fun!

Our flat is finally filled up by six people now as well. We have; Vlad: The Romanian, Me: The Norwegian, Lydia: The Brit, Alex: The American, Amar: The other Norwegian and last but not least our wonderful flat-rep Hannah (oh and her boyfriend Sam: The craprep!).

I’ve made a ton of friends  and we are already a gang that have become close. We still love to meet new people though, and we usually do that @ the Bop on Fridays, which takes place at our Uni bar “The Union”. Theese nights all have different themes, so far we’ve had: Back to school, Cowboy/Indian, Traffic-light next one is Geek night and then we have Halloween.

We have already managed to put up Halloween decorations. This is what happens when you have an American and two other bored girls when the guys are out one night…

As I said school has started now and the workload is building up. Even now I should be writing a paper on internet-resources on Abrahamic Religions for my Introduction to Religious Studies class, but I needed a small break. Oh by the way, the paper is due tomorrow… You all know how much I love to postpone things…At least I’m over half way there, I just need to find one more web-page, shouldn’t take too long.

Even thought my flat usually goes out on Fridays, we’re a fairly quiet gang, we usually end up watching a movie on Saturdays, which is fine by me, that means I can stay in my PJ’s all day! Bet my mom would love to find that out… It’s when we start games of Hallway-ultimate-frisby, Hallway-rugby-football or a towel whipping contest we spend most of out energy, and it can get quite violent. I don’t give up easily and neither do the others, so we usually end up bruised and hurt all of us. But it’s still worth it because it is a lot of fun!

Our trips to ASDA (like Wall-Mart) is a lot of fun too. We always end up having to wait for the bus because of either traffic, or the fact that we just missed a bus. I always end up buying more than I can carry, thankfully the guys in our group of friends are gentlemen so they help me. My goal this Monday will be to carry all my groceries  on my own!

We also have a day a week when one of us in the flat makes dinner for everyone else, I made Norwegian meatballs, they turned out ok (…I think).

Guess I should get back to working on my paper now… I’ll try an update this blog more frequently from now on. Miss the people at home, will try to  stay on Skype more as well…

– Cat

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Finally here

And I’m starting to get settled in. My days are filled with things to do, and the little free time I have I spend cleaning up my room. My room is ok, a lot better now that I’ve got some pictures up on my wall and when i finally find out where I’m going to keep all my stuff it’ll be easier. So a bit of chaos at the moment, but I’m sure it will sort out soon enough.

So what have I been doing the last couple of days? We arrived Wednesday and my mom helped me unpack and we went for a short walk to get some groceries and look around. For dinner we ended up taking the bus in to Putney… We had to wait about 40 min for the bus though, since we just missed it when we first got to the bus-stop… And of course we landed in the biggest traffic jam ever! (not really) so what would’ve been a five min bus ride turned into 15-20. When we got to Putney we ate at a nice Italian restaurant and then we went back to my room and fell asleep.

Mom left early Thursday, and that was pretty tough since i really haven’t been living away from home yet, but we both made it through our goodbyes. After mom left it got pretty hectic, first I went to a welcome talk, then I got a tour of the uni and library (which is huge by the way!) and then we went shopping at ASDA. Of course I ended up buying way to much stuff and the plastic bags started ripping apart, so when I got to my school I had to stop and put all the stuff in a black plastic bag that someone was nice enough to give me. And I got a little help carrying all my stuff home. The next time I’m going shopping, I’m bringing a bag.

Last night started with a dinner and a quiz (that my team should have won btw), and then we ended up going to a bar in Putney with the embassadors. And that was pretty much my evening, met a bunch of nice people, got into a discussion about religion with an atheist and fell asleep exhausted.

Now I’m going to go to a fair that I’m already late for and ‘I’ll give you guys an update whenever I can.


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Hello World!

Wow, first blog post. Again. I feel like I’ve done this to many times before, but that’s just the way it is with me. I hardly finish anything I start. It sounds like a cliché, but that’s just the way it is with me…  At least with creative projects like this. I can’t count how many scrapbooks I’ve started but never finished.

Time passes by way to fast at the moment. My senior year in high school was gone in a second, but I had a lot of fun though! I remember how stressed I was just a year ago, about what I was going to do with my life, where I would go and what school I would go to… There was just to many options! How was a “little” girl, just 18, going to decide what she wanted to do with the rest of her life? Everyone kept telling me that it wasn’t the case, that I still had plenty of time, but that’s not how the real world works, is it? Once you’ve got a foot outside the door you’re dragged out in one direction and there is no way of turning back. But that’s my point of view, I’m sure other people see it differently, it seem like they always do.

But I finally decided, not that my parents seemed to be to pleased with it. I finally decided that I would go to London! Big change you say? I guess it is, but I needed a change, I needed to get out of Norway, see the world and experience things out of my comfort zone. Roehampton Uni just happened to have a BA in something that has always interested me, Classical Civilisation, and I could combine it with Religious Studies!? I was sold, could not get it out of my mind, I was going to London and no one could stop me.

So here I am, just six days until I leave, and I’m terribly exited! I can’t believe I’m not even nervous… Oh sure I have butterflies, but not nervous butterflies, just happy butterflies! Six days, and I haven’t even started packing! This is just so typical of me, always saving things for the last minute. My mother can’t understand how I handle it, I can’t either. I guess I just work best under pressure?…

Oh you might be wondering what I’ll be writing about here? I think we can call it my life as a London Student.


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Hi, I'm Cat! I'm 19 and I used to live in Norway. Now I'm moving to London, and I'll be staying there for at least three years, if not five. I'll be taking a BA Combined Honours in Classical Civilisation and Theology & Religious Studies. Consider this blog as a travelers journal, London seen from the viewpoint of a student and a foreigner!


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